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How to support your photographer through COVID-19.

(Hey there! This is my first blog post. Don't really know what I'm doing yet, but gotta start somewhere!)

I've had a few messages from wonderful clients checking in on me and my business. I'm so appreciative to be surrounded by such a caring community!!

Obviously due to the current pandemic your photographer, like so many others have been forced to completely close their doors. But it's okay, it's not permanent. This is nothing that we can't get through if we work together (from home!!!)

I've heard a general misconception about photographers. Many think that once the gear is purchased, there is little to no other expense unless they rent studio space. While that would be amazing, sadly it's not true. Like other business owners, your photographer has to pay for insurance, licensing, website hosting, memberships, accounting, gallery hosting fees, gear servicing/replacement, marketing and more. Even photoshop is a monthly fee - and like many of the expenses listed above, it's in US dollars to boot. Please note, I'm not at all complaining - just explaining. :) Because...

There are many ways that you can continue to support your photographer during closure and a few of these ideas won't cost you more than a few minutes of your time. Here's some ideas on how you can help:

1) Share the love!! Keep liking, sharing and commenting on your photographers social media posts. It does wonders for our business!!

2) Write a Google Review for your photographer. It's quick, easy, free and super helpful for sending other potential clients their way.

3) Share your images that your photographer has taken of you and your family on your own Instagram /Facebook profiles and tag your photographer. Tagging helps so much! SO MUCH!!! And your peeps miss your beautiful your photos.

4) Book a shoot for the future and put down a deposit. Your deposit will help cover your photographers monthly expenses. And it's a really smart idea to book now because when this whole mess is over you can be sure that there will be an overwhelming amount of families lining up to reunite in front of a camera. Ahhh...snuggles. Plus, there will be a backlog of shoots that had to be postponed. So book your family hug fest now!!!! Gah!!! I can't wait!!!

5) Purchase a gift certificate. Most photographers offer digital gift certificates in any denomination that can be used anytime towards any kind of shoot. Maybe you know someone who just had a baby, or birthday or anniversary. Or request one for yourself/add to a registry. It's the perfect gift. And you can pay electronically, from the comfort of your own home.

6) Order prints and albums from your photographer. Your photog' has spent A LOT of time searching for print companies that provide exceptional quality print products that really last. (Side note...did you know that your shooter also has to learn how to operate a printing software program just to order your items from the Pro Labs?!? This is where I'm currently banging my head against the wall). #learningcurve And yes, it does costs a great deal more than what you would pay elsewhere to print your photos, but there is a MASSIVE difference in print quality that makes it so worth it. This, I promise to you!! You've invested in your photographer, now invest in the prints and trust your photographer to get you nothing but the best quality products.

7) Order a video slide show with images from your previous shoots. Your photographer may be able to customize a slide show that will showcase your photos put to music and can include any text that you wish. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube or the like, and then you can share them with loved ones. It's a great way to showcase your baby's first year of photos together! Or create a fun family slide show. You could do birthday slideshows, engagement or anniversary slide shows. Make it beautiful, sentimental, or downright hilarious. Possibilities are endless.

8) Send in some edit requests. Do you have some photos that you took yourself but want something changed on it? Maybe some acne/bumps/bruises removed? For a small fee, your photographer may be willing to do this for you. It never hurts to ask. (and no...we won't edit photos that other photogs have taken cause...well...apart from copyright issues, it's just wrong).

9) Order digital Birth Announcements/Birthday/Mother's Day cards. You can order kind of photo greeting card, really. Your photographer can whip something up in photoshop with your photos and customize text to your liking. Then we'll send it to you electronically so that you can email it to a loved one or share on social media.

I cannot wait for that moment when it is ethically, physically, medically safe to open my studio doors or meet you somewhere in our beautiful mountains to photograph you and your loved ones together again. Everyday, we're one day closer. #hugfest2020 #bringit Until then, thank you Kootenay Community, for continuing to support your local businesses through the pandemic. You're so appreciated!! And loved. And missed.


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