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Phase 2, here we go!

I am beyond thrilled to be able to open up my studio to you for baby portraits again! However, we must remember that we are only in Phase 2, and to ensure the utmost safety for your family and mine, there are protocols that you and I are required to follow.

Let's do this thing...

My studio has a STRICT no-sick policy. Clients, and myself, are required to disclose and reschedule the session if their child or anyone in the immediate household, or anyone that they have been in physical contact with has been ill.

Following WorkSafeBC’s protocols, when I confirm your session, you will be asked if you or your family have any COVID 19 symptoms now or in the past 10 days. These symptoms include:

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • New or worsening cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sore throat

  • New muscle aches

  • Headache

** These rules apply to myself and those in my family as well.

*** If I am to believe or feel for any reason that you or your child are ill, you will be asked to leave and reschedule.

**** There is no additional fee for rescheduling.

Phase 2 still requires us to be able to maintain proper social distancing (6 feet). (Fingers crossed for Phase 3 coming into effect for June's newborns!!) Although in BC, a mask is now only required for those who are sick, I don’t mind wearing one and will be doing so throughout your entire session. Feel free to wear yours too!

The portrait area of my studio space is large enough for one parent to be in the room with their child and myself and still maintain proper distance. I will guide you through your poses while maintaining that distance.

The studio is closed to families who have been traveling or who have been amongst anyone else who has traveled for at least 14 days after their return to BC.

Sadly, during this time, only parents/caregivers are permitted in the studio. I cannot allow any additional family members to attend studio sessions. :( However, I would LOVE to arrange a family photoshoot for you outside somewhere in our beautiful mountains under the evening's golden light. (Sounds dreamy, doesn't it!?) Also... keep in mind that my clients are clients for life, meaning that for every future shoot you’ll get 10% off-FOREVER! And family photos are always better when done outside, anyways!

For sessions with siblings who are in school or childcare, we will do the family part of the session outside first, then one parent/caregiver can take the sibling(s) home for the remainder of the newborn/baby session. There is a new path down to the river behind my studio that offers a great spot for this! It's a super short walk...maybe 2 minutes top with dawdling toddlers. ;)

Clean, clean, clean...

Before and after each session, the front gate, front porch, front entrance, sitting room, studio, and washroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Every backdrop, wrap, outfit, and prop used or even touched during each session will be washed and sanitized. Props are all now stored safely behind poly.

The sitting area has been stripped of some comforts to maintain cleanliness. Items such as toys, magazines/books, throw pillows, and even the floor rug has been removed. Sacrificing coziness and comfort for safety. It's worth it!

You will be required to remove your shoes once inside and leave them at the doorway.

All hands, yours and mine, will be washed upon your arrival. The bathroom obviously has soap, and washable/reusable handtowels which will be placed in the basket provided after each use. The sitting room and studio are equipped with hand sanitizer.

Thank you so much for understanding some of these new rules. I am so excited to work with you and cannot wait to create beautiful & timeless images of your loved ones for you. Images that will be enjoyed and treasured for generations.


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