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Yes, your newborn photoshoot can wait!

Dear new parents. You were SO looking forward to your newborn shoot. You've thought about the colours, props and having those tiny little details all documented. You wondered if your little one would be asleep throughout their session, how they would look in those adorable studio outfits, swaddles, headbands or hats. I wondered all of that right along with you and was counting down the days until your shoot too.

The opportunity isn't lost on us.

Fortunately, when it comes to photographing loved ones, it's never an all-or-nothing/now-or-never kinda deal. That babe of yours needs to be photographed on the daily. DAILY!! And YES...taking a million shots of the exact same thing then spending hours trying to figure out which ones to delete from your phone is perfectly fine. And normal. And keep them all, of course.

Rocco, 2 Months Old

We can and still will get beautiful images of your little bundle using all of the studio props and outfits when it's safe to reopen. There are even some awesome new props and outfits that I've had custom made for your bigger...'newbie' (I can call them that, right?!?) baby. It just means that we are going to approach your shoot differently than we would've with a baby aged within the typical newborn photoshoot time frame.

Upon booking, I will send you an info packet on how to prepare yourself and your baby for your Newbie Shoot. (Yep...I'm making it a thing. It's official). The info will include some sample images, and a list of items to bring along with you.

If you would like to book a Newbie Shoot, send me a message and I will pencil you in for the future. Once you throw down a deposit, you and I can work together to create a custom digital Birth Announcement of your little bean using the photos you took. I've created a helpful pdf. sheet with tips on how to successfully take photos of your baby that I can send you! I'll then put your photos and baby's birth details (name, birthdate, measurements, etc.) in photoshop then email it to you so that you can send it off to family & friends.

You don't need stellar gear for this. Your phone's camera should do just fine. And I'm a pretty good teacher. Together, we've got this! Send me a message!!

Until then... here are some photos of gorgeous chunky monkeys that I've dug out of the vaults. All of these babies were between 4 and 18 weeks old at the time of their shoots.


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